Tuesday, October 2, 2012

30 Automatically Erase All Your Google Chrome History, Just No Evidence

Google Chrome is a most popular browser at a present time.Almost every person uses Google Chrome because it provides so many features, fast and secure  browsing, also good interaction with the users.Google Chrome is also popular for providing so many extensions by which you can make your internet experience better and more awesomely improved browsing.
Now In this article I will tell you about a Google Chrome extension by which you can delete Google Chrome history automatically with a single click.
Click and Clean extension is very useful for those who wants there online information to be safe as this extension helps you to provide better privacy by clearing passwords and other information too. Sometimes we forget to delete browsing history in a hurry or by some other reason then for those cases this extension is very helpful as it can clear browsing history automatically. Take no chance leaving evidences.

Click and Clean Google Chrome Extension also provide other features: 

  • Scan PC for viruses/Malware.
  • Emptying browser cache and Cookies.
  • Clear databases
  • Video Histroy
  • Disk Cleanup
  • Memory Monitor
  • Tab management
  • Capture Screen-Shots
  • DNS Report
  • Windows shortcuts and many more. 



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  2. Great extension, Chrome is not the top when you want privacy, but with this enabled things can be better.

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