Friday, June 15, 2012

0 Share Your Wireless Internet Connection With Mobile Users

Instead there are methods using a software based virtual access point like Windows Seven’s Wireless Hosted Network technology, Virtual Router Manager and Connectify. Windows Seven’s Wireless Hosted Network only runs on windows seven and hardware specific. Virtual Router Manager didn’t work for me. Therefore, I used connectify (newer 2.2 version didn’t work, I used an older version 1.2) and successfully shared my data card connection between my laptop (IBM Lenovo Thinkpad T520 with Windows 7) and my Nokia 500.
Listed below with screenshots are the steps to follow:

On your computer (Laptop/Desktop):

  • Fill in the settings panel with your prefered WiFi name, password and internet connection to share. For Internet connection, there are options listed as No Internet Sharing, Mobile Broadband Connection, Local Area Connection and Wireless Network Connection. Since I have a data card, I selected Mobile Broadband Connection for Internet.

  • Click on “Start Hotspot” to start sharing.
  • On your Wireless Connection Status, click Details to get the network connection information, note the IPV4 Address.
  • Now search for wireless networks via your mobile phone and connect to your your wireless connection easily.
Thats it...
Have fun :)


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