Wednesday, June 20, 2012

0 Download Photo Albums From Your Google+ Profile

Most of people like some Profile or post photos on google plus and want to download them it’s not too hard to get all those.Suppose you need to download wedding photo album of your friend from Google Plus which contains 500 photos. What would you do? Would you download all photos from the album one by one or would you try a photo album downloader? Of course you would try a album downloader to quickly download entire album photos. I’m not telling that you can’t do that but downloading 500 photos from that particular album manually doesn’t make sense.

There are many third party photo album downloader available on internet to download facebook photo album. But unfortunately Google + album downloader is not available. Because it’s a new social networking site. I’m telling new because in comparison to facebook it’s new. Hopefully Google Plus album downloader will release pretty soon. But there is a trick to download album photos.
Now by using Matt Cutts profile i will show you how to download album photos from Google+

  • Click the red circled area of address bar i mean on favicon. A drop down window will appear click it’s More Information.. button.

  • Then click Media tab. 
  • Here in media tab just scroll down you will get all web page image files along with album photos. Just Right Click on a photo link & Select All.
  •  It will started downloading all album photos.
  •  Now go to the folder where you downloaded photos by keeping album photos delete unnecessary photos. But there is a problem downloading  photos with firefox. It can’t download full size photo. To download full size photos you have to use Internet Download Manager. IDM is able to download full size photos along with small. Let’s see how its works.
  • Download & install Internet Download Manager if pre-installed that’s fine.
  • Right click on mouse in a blank space like below image. Then click Download All links with IDM.
  • You will get a new IDM window contains with all web page links, here uncheck the box Hide images located on this web page then select download location. After that download all files then by keeping necessary files delete all. If the album contains so many photos use IDM -> Menu Bar -> Downloads -> Scheduler -> Files in the queue tab to download. 
Thats it...
Have Fun... :)


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