Sunday, January 1, 2012

0 Write Protect Your USB

USB Write Protector is a portable utilities which can write-protect your USB flash drive so that virus/spyware can’t copy itself to the drive.

The main cause of viruses are USB flash drive. These viruses tend to copy themselves to the flash drive whenever system detected new device plug in.I still remember there are some old USB drivesthat come with write protect feature. But unfortunately most of the new flash drive don’t come with such feature, maybe the manufacturers want to cut down the cost?

So, the only way to protect our USB flash drive is enable the write protect through our own PC. With USB Write Protector, you can turn on/off the write protect to a USB flash drive.

Open this application before you plug any flash drive into your computer. After you turn on the write protection, you will not be able to write any files to the flash drive, or delete any files from it. You must always unplug and plug your flash drive if you want to turn on/off the write protection.

Note: This utilities will not write any files to your flash drive, it just make sure your flash drive is write protected in this cumputer only. So, when you plug the flash drive into another PC, your flash drive may still infacted by viruses. So, the beast way to protect your flash drive is to install this application to all computers that you may use.


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