Friday, January 27, 2012

0 Accelerate Your Download Speed

Are you frustrated with low download speeds? Ever wondered how to increase your download speed significantly? Well, downloading is a very common and one of the most essential process in our internet life. Modern world is driven by speed. Therefore its essential that you should know how to accelerate your downloads. Many times it takes a very long time to download some files. We get annoyed upon the slow download speed. Sometimes, even though our connection is fast, downloading may be slow. So it is necessary to know what causes slow download speeds and how to accelerate your download speed.

 Test your download speed

Testing your download speed enables you to make sure that you are getting the speed that your ISP promised you. Also it can help you know, to how much extend can you maximize your download speed. For testing your download speed visit HERE After finishing the whole test, The results will be given in the form of a transfer rate.
How to boost your download speed? 

  • There could many unwanted programs and applications like IM chat clients, P2P clients, internet browsers, games etc  running in background. This could slow down your downloads. So close all unnecessary applications. Disable all your unwanted add-ons and toolbars.
  • Use a download manager to download your files. Using download accelerators make it easy for you to download files quickly and organize it.  It makes the download lightning fast. This is the best method for increasing your download speed. I recommend IDM, because its the fastest I have found.

  • Optimizing your computer can result in faster download speeds. Speed of your computer is an important factor that determines the download speed.
  • Defragment your computer. Defragmenting your computer brings together all the little chunks of space in your hard disk, and thus increasing download speed
  • Optimize your registry using a TCP registry optimizer.
  • Download your files after prioritizing them. Because, as your ISP provides a limited bandwidth, you need to use that effectively.
  • Reduce the number of parallel downloads. For best results, try downloading one file at a time.
  • Try downloading off the peak time. Download at the peak time can make downloads slow, because of high traffic.
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