Thursday, December 29, 2011

0 Trick To Increase Printing Speed OF Your Printer

You can improve the printing speed of your printer with managing the print spooler option. Basically printer spooler holds your prints for some time then send to printer for print out. By default on most printers, printer spooler option is enabled but you can turn it off to specify that the file should be sending to the printer and not spooled.

Here printer spooler option might be at different location in your printer but on most printers you can turn off by going to Start, Settings then Printers. Now right click on the icon of the printer that you are using. Click Properties and select the Advanced tab. Here click on Print directly to printer option. This will tie up your application until the printer has all the data, but your print job should finish more quickly. Printing directly to the printer will also come in handy if your print spooler crashes and you need to print before you reboot your PC.


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