Saturday, December 31, 2011

0 Recharge Your Phone Battery Without Charger

Yes that’s true you can recharge your mobile phone battery without charger for a limited time.

It is really annoying when you are away from home and your phone battery goes empty.
If you are not carrying the charger the situation is more worse. What will you do if you have to make a call from your phone.
There is an easy way without having to recharge the batteries charged. Although it did not last long as in the case, but for such cases we can call to simply provide some important news.
You do this by removing the battery from the phone and then rub and rub with hands or to a shirt or your pants for 3-5 minutes.

After a bit of heat, insert the battery into the phone and make an important phone call immediately because the battery life is usually only lasted two minute.The fact behind this is that when the battery is kept in a cool place the faster the battery capacity will be reduced.

If you do this in a rather cold battery condition, battery life time will usually be much longer. May be useful.


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