Thursday, December 29, 2011

0 By Pass GMAIL Mobile Verification

This trick will show you how to by pass mobile verification in GMAIL.

  • First of all go to K7 and sign up there. This is a site where you can receive fax or voice calls without having a phone no. When you create an account on this site, it will provide you an unique phone no. of US.
  • Now go for creating account on gmail, enter all the information as you want, but in Location fill ‘United States’.
  • Now click on ‘I accept, create an account’.
  • Now it will take you to mobile verification page. Here select the option of Voice call and fill the no. that you got from K7
  • Now you will get a mail having verification code as voice mail on that account from which you have registered on . Open it, download the attachment file and listen the code K7
  • Now enter the code of your voice mail in verification code. and click OK.
  • your account is ready now :)
Have Fun…


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