Saturday, December 31, 2011

0 Best Ways To Create Blog Content Worthy

As bloggers we are always trying to create compelling content that creates attention and credibility.

Don’t forget that blogs are to be used as a two-way communication tool by creating interactivity between you and your commenters.

Easy Ways to Create Content

If you are tired of struggling with ideas for creating content for your blog, here are 4 ideas that can make you an innovative content creator.
  • Encourage Comments

Encouraging comments on your blog is the obviously, best way to interact with your readers.
One thing you can do is to take your blog content and open-ended questions to the next level by tackling tough topics and asking big questions that can lead to a more robust reader discussion.
  • Turn Reader Questions Into Content

Another easy way to create content for your blog is to invite your readers to ask questions. Once your readers ask those questions you can answer those questions as a blog post. This works well for blog content because you are focusing your blog post on what your readers are interested in.  If one reader asks a question, you can be sure that other readers have the same question.
This idea is similar to an advice column. As a matter of fact you can use that and create a weekly advice blog post.
  • Reader Activities

Getting your readers to participate in activities like a poll or questionnaire can lead to great content you can post on your blog. You can also use one of the online chat plugins to create online interactivity within the sidebar of your blog.
You can also get reader to do tasks to help generate more readers, more comments, and more interaction to get mot great content from comments. I have seen quite a few blog contests recently. Readers have to either tweet about the contest to enter or write a post or even a guest post to enter the contest. Think outside-the-box on this one and have fun.
  • Multimedia Engagement

You are seeing more and more multimedia interaction and engagement. There is an awesome video tool that can help with video interactivity by allowing the user to click buttons or links within the video. You can also do this with your Youtube videos by using annotations. You do have to create multiple videos for each option provided within the video. The interactivity is created by overlaying annotations on top of the video. It takes some time but the videos are really fun for your readers.
  • Make it personal
This is the modern journal. If you are looking to build an audience, it must contain more than a listing of what you did. Before you start, consider what makes your life worth reading about? Are you grapping with a difficult disease? Are you making a life change? Can others learn from your experiences? Mommy and daddy blogs fall into this category.
  • What Did I Miss?

These are just 4 ways to increase reader interaction and I am sure there are more. What methods are you using or have you seen for creating blog content through reader interaction?


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