Saturday, December 31, 2011

0 Backup Your USB With USB Image Tool

USB Image Tool is a cool application for users to backup entire content of USB drive. It is built using .NET Framework 2.0.

It is necessary for us to backup our USB drive frequently, especially if you have a huge capacity USB drive, or you store important information on it. With USB Image Tool, you can easily backup or restore the entire USB drive.

Simply open the application and plugin your USB drive. The application will automatic search for available drive. After that, press Backup to save the content into an image file, or press Restore to restore the image to yourUSB drive.

This is a handy application, as it may take longer time if we do our backup manually. Furthermore, this application will just create a single file, which is easier to manage.

  • Create image files of USB drives
  • Restore images of USB drives
  • Compressed image file format (take longer time).
  • Show USB device information
  • Manage favorite USB image


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